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I want to add a user to my team, but it's already registered

When you register, you're also creating a new company account. The company account is the single-point-of-truth: it will contain all the users of your company, your roles & permissions and the subscription. You - as leader - should invite colleagues by adding their email addresses. This way they are inside your company account and can be re-used over multiple teams. Company accounts work in isolation.

Don't ask your users to register themselves. They should follow your invite email. When one of your colleagues registers for an account themselves... they will create their own company account which works in isolation. It's not possible to add users to your team that are inside another company account.

When this happens, you'll see a message that the user is already registered, you then have a couple of options:

  • Use another email address for this user, and add that one to your account
  • Ask the user to delete his current account (but he will lose all this data), and then invite the email address again
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