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Let the team influence each other in your retro

Published at Feb 10, 2021

The retrospective board with influence mode on. You see each other's feedback directly.

The online retrospective board with the setting to influence each other toggled on. Notice that we're in step 'Add Feedback'.

Want to change your retrospective routine? Get a different retrospective by letting team member's influence each other while writing feedback

During a retrospective a scrum masters usually gives the team a few minutes to write their feedback. This is done privately so the team won't influence each other. In the first step 'Add feedback' you have total privacy and the team won't see your feedback until the leader guides you to step 'Discuss'. This is the default setting.

Now a new feature has been introduced

You can find this feature as a retrospective setting on you board. Just go to the settings tab on your retrospective and scroll to the 'Add feedback' card.

When changing the retro setting, the feedback is immediately visible when you submit it to the board. This helps to start a discussion from the beginning of the retrospective while writing feedback.

Change the retrospective settings and the team can influence each other while writing feedback

Animated gif showing how to change the retro setting to influence each other.

We hope you'll like this feature as it enables you to mix things up and do your retrospective a little bit different

More little things have changed this product update

A copy of the original question is added to the retrospective answers. No matter where you are in the application, you always know what question belonged to the feedback.

The original retro question is displayed above each feedback card

You can now also sort the archive by votes or by question.

Learn from the past with an online archive auto stored from you online retrospectives
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Why the need for a retrospective app?

The traditional scrum retrospective is a great tool to reflect and improve. But the reality has shown some issues: we forget what went wrong during the sprint, so we keep manual lists. Then we go into a session that takes up 60 minutes, of which 40 minutes is focused on presenting those sticky notes. We lack the time to really focus on the solutions. We then take a picture of the wall with sticky notes, and digitalize those results again. 'That was a good talk!' ... but there aren't hard assigned to-dos. Some big issues still haunt your team for months.

Retros.work helps you get the most out of your team. By providing you with an online retrospective board combined with all the right features. HR trends to keep the energy in your team. Smooth and easy way to give- and receive feedback, assigned to-dos and automatic archiving. You’ll save time and focus on solutions.