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Learn in 60 seconds how to do an online retrospective

Published at Jan 7, 2021

Have a look at the video above, which will take you through the retrospective process and product in 60 seconds.

It's 2021 and your team is working more remote than ever. You need an online retrospective tool for the job. How to get started?

Add a team

First, register on retros.work and add a team. Add as many users as you please, but usually a retrospective team is around 4 to 10 people. You can add as many teams as you like.

A screen recording how to add a team

A screen recording how to add a team

Start a retrospective for your team.

Start an online retrospective and choose which columns your retrospective board should have. We'll give you a few pre-defined models so you can quickly set-up your retrospective, including: Four L's, Plus Minus, Starfish, etc. Once you're done every user in your team will receive a magic link to join. One click and they are on the team retrospective board.

A screen recording how to start a retrospective

A screen recording how to start a retrospective

Add feedback with privacy

The first step of your retrospective is adding feedback. Each user can add their sprint feedback with privacy without influencing other team members. You can add feedback with emoticons, scores and text. This way you can express emotion and measure trends within your team.

add retrospective feedback with text
give scores during your retrospective
express yourself with emoticons during the retrospective

Your retrospective should have emotion, scores and text feedback to get a good conversation

Discuss the feedback

Once everyone has added their feedback, the retrospective leader will take the team to the discuss step. Each team member get's time to present their case.

Discuss the retrospective feedback within your team

Discuss the retrospective feedback within your team

Let your team vote

A good retrospective is democratic. Let your team members vote on the feedback they think is important for change.

Vote on the retrospective feedback you think is important for change

Vote on the retrospective feedback you think is important for change

Create to-dos

Be dynamic, identify the problems and create to-dos assigned to team members. Solve the issues and on to the next sprint.

Assign to-dos to team members

Assign to-dos to team members

Measure trends and prevent burn-outs

Track energy scores and emoticons in your retrospective and analyse how everyone is doing. If someone is a low scorer, open the conversation.

Build trends data and that you can analyse
Measure retrospective trends and keep your team fit

Measure retrospective trends and keep your team fit

Use it in the office

You can use retros.work for remote online retrospectives, but also in the office. Forget about those post-it's and use your favourite device.

A respective tool that you can use in the office and from home

No more post-it's, use this retrospective tool in the office

Start a team retrospective right now

Whether you want to start an online retrospective for your remote team, or you want to organize a retrospective in the office, retros.work is your tool. Start my first retrospective.

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Why the need for a retrospective app?

The traditional scrum retrospective is a great tool to reflect and improve. But the reality has shown some issues: we forget what went wrong during the sprint, so we keep manual lists. Then we go into a session that takes up 60 minutes, of which 40 minutes is focused on presenting those sticky notes. We lack the time to really focus on the solutions. We then take a picture of the wall with sticky notes, and digitalize those results again. 'That was a good talk!' ... but there aren't hard assigned to-dos. Some big issues still haunt your team for months.

Retros.work helps you get the most out of your team. By providing you with an online retrospective board combined with all the right features. HR trends to keep the energy in your team. Smooth and easy way to give- and receive feedback, assigned to-dos and automatic archiving. You’ll save time and focus on solutions.