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Cast all your votes on a single item

Published at Jul 17, 2020

Since our last update we’ve gained 160 new users to our online retrospective app retros.work. Which brings the total user count close to 500 users. We’re starting to see some traction with 1.300 answer being posted and almost 200 companies having registered in 30 days. Thank you!

Changes this week: Max voting is live

The last two weeks we’ve had some requests from scrum masters who wanted to define the max amount of votes team members can give during an online retrospective. It is now possible to cast all your votes (default 3) on one post-it, or spread your votes over multiple post-its.

Fun fact 1: check out who voted, just hover and see who used all their votes on one item!

Fun fact 2: you can still dislike feedback; they won’t be subtracted from your votes.

Max votes is configurable

You can configure the amount of votes a team member can give in the settings menu of your retrospective. Just go to https://retros.work/with/, click on your retrospective board and go to the settings tab, scroll down to the voting card.

We also made some other changes

Retros.work has energy scoring as a default question on your retrospective board. This way you can track energy scores over multiple sprints and keep the energy in your team.

We made the score question more friendly for mobile devices with this update. The buttons are a little bit bigger, and scale better on all devices.

Customer feedback

We really want your feedback! Once you’ve finished your retrospective and clicked ‘start retro 10’, you’ll see a little review poll. Please let us know how your rate our product that day so we can continuously improve our product.

Why use retros.work as your online retrospective app?

Because your team wants to post their feedback 24/7 during the sprint. It’s transparent. It’s quicker. You have assigned to todos. You can track energy scores. You can use emoticons. You can do retrospectives remote with your team. Please register here and experience the benefits of an online retrospective board.

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Rob van Eck

Written by

Rob van Eck

Owner of retros.work

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Why the need for a retrospective app?

The traditional scrum retrospective is a great tool to reflect and improve. But the reality has shown some issues: we forget what went wrong during the sprint, so we keep manual lists. Then we go into a session that takes up 60 minutes, of which 40 minutes is focused on presenting those sticky notes. We lack the time to really focus on the solutions. We then take a picture of the wall with sticky notes, and digitalize those results again. 'That was a good talk!' ... but there aren't hard assigned to-dos. Some big issues still haunt your team for months.

Retros.work helps you get the most out of your team. By providing you with an online retrospective board combined with all the right features. HR trends to keep the energy in your team. Smooth and easy way to give- and receive feedback, assigned to-dos and automatic archiving. You’ll save time and focus on solutions.