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Feature Description
Retrospective board
Online retrospective board Yes, you get an online retrospective board where you can post feedback
Unlimited projects Yes, you can add unlimited projects.
Sync sprint number Yes, you can sync your retrospective number with your sprint number.
Remote retrospective Yes, you can hold a remote online retrospective meeting with our app. Each team members can join the same retro board. You'll see which team members are online and the page auto refreshes when new feedback has been added.
Steps Yes, the retro has steps where you - as leader - guide your team through.
Retrospective board tools
Filter the board by user Yes, you can filter the retrospective board by user so you can give a team member time to present his feedback.
Sort feedback by votes Yes, you can sort the retrospective board by votes gives.
Convert feedback into to-dos Yes, you can convert retrospective feedback into to-dos. Activate select mode and select the cards you want to convert.
Archive Yes, all your answers are automatically archived.
Question models
Default questions Yes, you can choose from default questions models, like: Four L's, Starfish, Plus/Minus, Sailboat, DAKI, etc.
Customize questions Yes, you can customize the questions (columns) that are asked in your retrospective.
Post text Yes, you can post answers as text.
Post emoticons Yes, you can post emoticons.
Post scores Yes, you can post colored scores.
Post anonymous Yes, you can post anonymous if you want.
Energy score Yes, you can track energy scores over multiple sprints.
Emoticon trends Yes, you can track emoticon trends over multiple sprint.
Custom trends Yes, you can add your own custom trends question and track that value..
Voting Yes, you can vote on the feedback posted.
Configurable max votes Yes, you can configure the maximum votes a user can give.
All-in Yes, you can cast all your votes on a single item, or spread them.
Assigned to-dos Yes, you can create assigned to-dos. Use a @mention to link a team member. (Full name must be entered by the user before hand)
To-dos inbox Yes, each user has an inbox with to-dos from multiple projects combined.
To-dos status Yes, you can update a to-do to done when you've completed this task.
Easy add Yes, you can easily add your user by just entering an email address.
Re-use employees Yes, you can re-use a user over multiple projects without extra cost.
Onboarding status Yes, you can see the onboarding status of your employees.
Manual onboarding link Yes, you can send your employees a manual onboarding link when email fails.
Re-send onboarding email Yes, you can resend the onboarding email when your employee hansn't onboarded yet.
Import via csv Yes, you can import your users from Excel via CSV or just paste email addresses.
Export of answers Yes, you can export all the answers given for a specifc retrospective.
Export of to-dos Yes, you can export all your to-dos from a single project.
Language Yes, you can change your language. We currently support English and Dutch.
Roles and permissions Yes, there are roles and permissions you can modify.
Notification center Yes, there is central notification inbox for your users.
Notification when added to retro Yes, you will receive a notification when you've been added to a retro.
Data download Yes, you can download all your user data via the settings menu.
Delete your account Yes, you can delete your account. All your related database records will be deleted.
Delete your company Yes, you can delete your entire company account. All your data, and those of your colleagues, will be deleted.
Mobile Yes, works great on mobile.
Tablet Yes, works great on tablet.
Desktop Yes, works great on desktop.
External apps
Atlassian No, there is no Atlassian connection yet.
Slack No, there is no Slack connection yet.
Azure DevOps No, there is no Azure DevOps connection yet.

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